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n 26 March 2018, the Daily Telegraph and its website published a signed article by Ambassador Liu Xiaoming entitled Consultation, Contribution and Shared Benefits – the Golden Principles of BRI. The full text is as follows:


2018年3月26日,英国主流大报《每日电讯报》纸质版 和网络版同时刊登驻英国大使刘晓明题为《共商共建共享是“一带一路”的“黄金法则”》的署名文章。全文如下:


Consultation, Contribution and Shared Benefits – the Golden Principles of BRI


BRI, the Belt and Road Initiative, is entering its fifth year. The past five years have seen this public good that China offers to the world warmly received by the international community. During Prime Minister May’s successful visit to China in early February, the leaders of China and the UK agreed that the two countries will deepen cooperation on BRI as they advance the China-UK “Golden Era”.


Thanks to the concerted efforts of countries along the routes of BRI and all participating parties, a large number of major cooperation projects have been carried out. Now, BRI is entering a “new era” of more vigorous development guided by the “golden principles” of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.


今年是“一带一路”倡议提出5周年。“一带一路”是中国 向世界提供的公共产品,近5年来得 到国际社会积极响应,一大批 重要合作项目成功落地。不久前,梅首相成功访华,两国领 导人就推进中英关系“黄金时代”、进一步深化“一带一路”合作达成广泛共识。在沿线 国家和各参与方的共同努力下,“一带一路”建设已进入“新时代”,将在共商、共建、共享理 念指引下焕发出更强大的生命力。


BRI is an initiative for international economic cooperation aimed at better connectivity in policy, infrastructure, trade and financial services, and closer ties between the peoples of various countries. From planning to execution, every step of a specific project is agreed between participants in full transparency so that every participant’s comfort level and legitimate concerns are accommodated.


Many BRI participants are developing countries in need of financing and technical support in building their infrastructure and see the Initiative as rain on thirsty land. Take the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan highway for example. Its opening earlier this year has shortened the travel time between Xinjiang of China and Tashkent of Uzbekistan from 10 days to three. This, plus greatly streamlined customs clearance procedures, is expected to reduce freight charges by 300 to 500 dollars per ton and create over one million jobs along the highway.


“共商”,即倡导平等相待。“一带一路”是国际经济合作倡议,目的是 促进各国政策沟通、设施联通、贸易畅通、资金融通、民心相通。无论是 规划合作蓝图还是实施具体项目,都坚持公开透明,由参与方商量着办,充分照 顾大家的舒适度和合理关切。“一带一路”倡议的 很多参与方是发展中国家,往往经济尚欠发达。很多国 家向中国提出希望“一带一路”为他们 的基础设施建设提供技术支持和融资服务。“一带一路”也恰恰带来了“解渴汤”和“及时雨”。不久前 建成通车的中吉乌公路使中国新疆到乌兹别克斯坦塔什干的路程从10天缩短为3天,并且口 岸通关手续大幅简化,每吨货 物运费较此前减少300至500美元,还可为沿线国家创造100多万个就业机会。


BRI follows market rules and internationally accepted practice, seeking to harmonize economic, social, financial and environmental objectives for comprehensive returns and sustainability of projects. In fact, the BRI connectivity refers to not only “hardware connectivity” involving infrastructure, but also “software connectivity” of rules and standards.


China welcomes suggestions and advice from all parties through dialogues and consultations on an equal footing and with mutual respect so that BRI projects will follow higher standards, achieve higher quality and bring higher returns. 


中国在推进“一带一路”中一贯 遵循市场规律和国际通行规则,统筹经济、社会、金融和 环境之间的关系,增强合 作项目的综合效益和可持续性。事实上,“一带一路”倡导的 互联互通本身就既包括基础设施“硬联通”,也包括规则和标准的“软联通”。我们真诚欢迎各方为“一带一路”建言献策,在相互尊重、平等相 待基础上开展对话与协商,共同推动“一带一路”向着更高标准、更高质量、更高收益方向发展。


BRI is inspired by the Silk Road spirit and the oriental wisdom of “harmony without uniformity”. By pledging to build closer economic relations between countries, create more opportunities for world economic growth and achieve common development through tapping the comparative strengths of all participating countries, BRI advocates openness and inclusiveness.


No country is forced to become a part of it. Yet no country is excluded or targeted at. There is no dominating party in this Initiative. BRI is not a “zero-sum game”.


“共建”,即坚持开放包容。“一带一路”传承和发扬丝路精神,蕴含着“和而不同”、“兼收并蓄”等东方智慧,在建设 过程中将促进各国经济合作,实现优 势互补和共同发展,为世界 经济增长创造更多机遇。这一过 程本身就是开放包容的,不会强加于人,不排斥 或针对任何国家,不搞一家独大,更不是你输我赢的“零和博弈”。


The Belt and Road Initiative was proposed by China, but it is open to all countries in the world to join and to share the benefits. Even African and Latin American countries far away from China have become active participants of BRI, working together to gather impetus for growth and open new prospects for common development.


Last May, representatives from over 140 countries and international organizations attended the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing. That was a clear show of trust in and support for the Initiative. So far over 80 countries and international organizations have signed agreements with China on jointly building the Belt and Road.


During Prime Minister May’s visit to China, the leaders of the two countries agreed to expand, elevate and deepen cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative, with a view to promoting regional and global economic growth. This agreement is a strong boost to the Belt and Road cooperation between the two countries.


“一带一路”版权虽然属于中国,但对所有国家开放,成果和 收益为全世界共享。非洲、拉美虽 与中国距离遥远,但很多 国家也积极参与“一带一路”建设,携手挖 掘经济增长动力、开辟共同发展机遇。去年5月,140多个国 家和国际组织代表出席“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛,为“一带一路”投出了“信任票”和“支持票”。迄今已有80多个国 家和国际组织与中国签署了共建“一带一路”合作协议。梅首相访华期间,两国领 导人表示愿意就“一带一路”开展更大范围、更高水平、更深层次的合作,促进全 球和区域经济增长。这些共识为中英“一带一路”合作注入强劲动力。


A Chinese adage goes, to give is to gain, and to share is to gain more. This has been the thrust of the win-win philosophy of the Chinese people since ancient times. BRI is China’s invitation for the world to share the dividends of its rapid growth. Five years of progress of this Initiative has produced numerous win-win projects between China and other countries.


In Kenya, the Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway built by a Chinese company has cut the transport cost and travel time from Mombasa to Nairobi by half, contributed 1.5% of GDP growth in Kenya and created 46,000 jobs locally. Moreover, over 300 local companies have been participating in this project through subcontracts, which is a strong boost to local economy and has helped improve the life of the Kenyan people.


In Pakistan, China is building over ten power stations which are expected to solve the country’s long-time problem of power shortage. One single such power station can meet the daily needs of tens of millions of people.


In Europe, China Railway Express trains have reached 36 cities in 13 European countries, including London which welcomed the first train from Yiwu of China last year. Of over 6,000 trains between Chinese and European cities in the past seven years, there were 3,673 trains last year alone, more than the total number in six previous years. These trains have made Chinese and European goods more easily available to each other at a lower cost.


“共享”,即实现合作共赢。“既以为人,己愈有;既以与人,己愈多。”合作共 赢自古就是中国人的处世哲学,“一带一路”倡议也 让全世界共享中国快速发展的红利。回看“一带一路”建设的5年,中国与 其他国家合作共赢的例子不胜枚举。中国公 司承建的肯尼亚蒙内铁路不仅使蒙巴萨到内罗毕的通行成本和时间均节省一半,还带动肯尼亚GDP增长约1.5%,累计为 当地创造就业岗位4.6万个,300多家当 地企业参与工程分包合作,大大促 进了当地产业的发展,也改善 了肯尼亚人民的生活。中国在 巴基斯坦开工建设的十余座电站,将彻底 解决巴国内缺电限电的历史困境,仅其中 一座电站就满足了上千万民众的日常需求。中欧班列已累计开行6000多列,去年共开行3673列,超过过去6年的总和,足迹遍及欧洲13个国家36个城市,义乌至 伦敦的中欧班列也实现往返运行,中欧民众可以更便捷、更便宜 地买到对方的商品。


This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. China will take more concrete steps in its reform and open its door wider to the world. One testament to this commitment is the first-ever China International Import Expo to be held in Shanghai this November. This Expo is open to companies from all countries, including the UK, who wish to introduce their high-quality products and services to China and the rest of the world.


今年是中国改革开放40周年,中国改 革的步伐会越走越实,开放的 大门会越开越大。中国将于今年11月在上 海举办首届国际进口博览会,我们欢 迎包括英国在内的各国企业积极赴华参展,展示自 身优质产品和服务。


In working with other countries, China takes a balanced approach to principles and interests, and puts principles before interests. In BRI development, the overarching principles are equality, openness and inclusiveness. It is the whole world, rather than China alone, that will benefit from the Initiative.


China and the UK share a strong willingness to cooperate on the Belt and Road Initiative. The two countries enjoy comparative industrial advantages and broad prospects for cooperation. There is every reason for the two countries to seize the time and strive to take the BRI cooperation onto a new stage and deliver more “golden fruits” in the China-UK “Golden Era”.


“义利相兼,以义为先”,这是中 国人的处世理念,也是与 其他国家合作所遵循的原则。就“一带一路”而言,最大的“义”就是鲜明的平等性、开放性和普惠性,不仅要惠及中国,更要造福世界。中英“一带一路”合作意愿强烈,产业优势互补,发展前景广阔,双方应以时不我待、开拓进取的精神,推动“一带一路”合作再上新台阶,为两国关系“黄金时代”打造更多“黄金成果”。


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